For over 10 years, we’ve attracted more people to the sport of paddling.

We are a passionate kayak company that proudly designs, moulds and hand assembles every kayak in Shenzhen, China. In every model and size, kayaks are known for their personalized style, making kayaking fun for paddlers of all experience levels.

How we got started

Our kayaks are known for their comfort, versatility, durability and safety; they are also the easiest to paddle in the industry. We’re excited to move into the future with more innovation and the dependable quality everyone expects.

We know that the joy of owning a home-grown boat doesn’t just happen in the water.

Our future is bright

It also gets your hands dirty and makes your fishing kayak your own. In fact, what we love most is seeing the incredible things native anglers, paddlers, outdoor enthusiasts and women are doing to native boats. We love great accessories and gear – your amazing innovation, our YU meng family. So please… search our website. Watch our videos, see our photos, and get inspired! We will continue to build ships. You keep building your personalized experience.

your wave is waiting