Dominican Republic Surfing Vacation

Dominican Republic Surfing Vacation

Second largest country in the island chain of the Caribbean and with both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the Dominican Republic is a hidden surf gem for surf lovers. The natural gorgeousness of the island and its various sceneries with stunning sandy beaches, a 28°C average temperature all year long, and exceptionally friendly locals, make the Dominican Republic one of the most excellent surf destinations in the world and is truly a tropical surf heaven.

Surf fanatics and visitors can take pleasure on a hassle free vibrant Dominican Republic surfing vacation packages at Encuentro Beach in Cabarete. The best budget and all inclusive surfing vacations in the Caribbean are in the famous windsurfing and kite surfing village of Cabarete in the incredible Dominican Republic.

For the top Dominican Republic surfing vacations, visitors should head to Encuentro which is the most popular surf sport in the island. Encuentro’s exotic stretch of flourishing tropical beach is bordered with coconut groves and seagrape forests. Encuentro beach is nestled at the edge of Cabarete, and is a point break that tenders various peaks such as the left, the right, destroyer, and the Cocopine. The Cocopine is a world class wave comparable to the Hawaiian wave. Although Encuentro is renowned with surfers from around the world, the waves are also idyllic for those just learning to surf.

Surfing conditions at Encuentro are terrific, and it boasts of clean left and right breaking waves of up to twelve feet, with an average water temperature of 80 F/26 C, plus no sharks. Consider all that, paired with very low cost vacation and real warmth of Dominican locals, makes it an ideal Dominican Republic surfing vacation.

One of the true attractions of Dominican Republic surfing vacations in Cabarete and Encuentro, is the absence of attitude found in most other famous surfing destinations. The cool and welcoming surf society of the Del Mar Surf Club which leads Encuentro Beach has a very vacation-friendly ambiance. Whether you’re a visitor taking a beginner surfing lessons or a surfing professional, treatment would be like a long lost friend.

The Del Mar Surf Club and Surfing school pro surfers also supervise the Surf Café, which is an enjoyable barbecue, cold beer and natural juice bar, housed in a small thatched beach hut and the only permanent structure on the beach, just look for horses and all the hammocks at the edge of the wide coconut grove.

Whether your Dominican republic surfing vacation is to try surfing for the first time, or to improve your skills, or vacationing with your own surfboard, the word is out for the best surfing in the Caribbean, it’s all about being in Encuentro for that perfectly matchless Dominican Republic surfing vacation.

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