Get Paid to

Get Paid to

There are many programs on the world wide web where companies will pay you to surf the web, or, basically view their advertisements. I’ve done my research and the best opportunity out there is 12 Daily Pro. 12 Daily Pro is the only paid to surf company that pays you 12% daily on your investment, with a minimum of $6.00 required to join, and a maximum of $6,000.00. 12 Daily Pro is listed with the Internet’s equivalent of the Better Business Bureau and they are 5-Star Rated and listed as the #1 paid to surf website.

The companies that have you invest some of your own money to start, such as 12 Daily Pro, can produce large financial gains. However, keep in mind that you should never invest more than you can afford to lose. But, there are some people that are making over $7,500.00 a month with such programs.

I personally started out with a $198.00 investment. In 12 days, my account showed $348.00. For me, that meant that I earned about $135.00 for an hours worth of work!

Here are some things to do to when looking to use a “get paid to surf” program that asks you to invest your own money:

1. Search the paid to surf website forums for people who have had experience with the company you are considering. Specifically, do a search with the word “scam” or “fraud” and the company’s name, to see if anyone has had negative experiences with the company. Read forums to see what company’s users recommend.

2. Start your own investment small and wait until you have been paid before you decide to invest more. Don’t decide to dump more money into your account just because you see your account balance going up on the company site. Make sure you get paid – money in your bank account – before you invest more money. Consider the technique of taking out your initial investment and only reinvesting your earnings, to protect yourself from possible losses.

3. Remember that there are no guarantees. Make sure whatever you invest is an amount you can afford to lose. It’s o.k. to take risks, but they must be calculated and educated.

You earn money two ways with 12 Daily Pro. The first way is by doing your daily click to one link and letting the auto surf happen. The other is by referrals. You earn 12% off of each investment your referral makes into 12 Daily Pro, first level only.

Today’s Internet is an explosively growing global community. Getting paid to surf the web and referring others to do the same is a growing phenomena. This is a win-win situation for everyone!

To become one of 12 Daily Pro’s 120,000+ members and join a legitimate site that is growing at the rate of over 1,000 people a day, simply go to the link referred to in the resource box at end of this article.

p.s. – Funding your 12DP account with StormPay is recommended!

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