Surf Fishing

Surf Fishing

Surf fishing might look like a great deal of calm and easy fun. Some people make it seem easy, but surf fishing is a lot harder than you may think. There are many calculations that you have to make in order to have a successful day like the wind, the current, wave height, floating kelp, and the positioning of the rocks. All of that information needs to be calculated in before you can cast your line and get started.

The first thing that you need to do before you attempt surf fishing is to prepare ahead of time. Most places will require you to have a fishing license. If you get caught without one, the fine will more than ruin your mood.

You will need to find out as much information as possible about the best times to go surf fishing. The best time to go surf fishing is high tide, before all of the beachgoers that scare fish come to the beach. You will need to learn to develop a great deal of patience when you go surf fishing, so bring lots of bait and get ready to settle in for the day.

You do not need to buy a special type of rod to surf fish. The rod that you use should be determined on how well you cast. When deciding how well you cast, be realistic about what you can accomplish so that you can catch the maximum of fish that you want. The advantage to a shorter rod is that it allows you to be more mobile so that you can continuously move from spot to spot. You do not necessarily need to cast out very far because the fish are usually swimming just at the break line feasting on dead and decaying matter.

If you can find them, sand crabs will be your best bait for surf fishing. If you are surfing in the summer, you can find the deep holes that they have dug into the sand and fish them out. Many times, you can find them washed up on the beach, and this is fine because the fish will swim to the surface to catch anything dead or alive. If you are all out of crabs, you can use frozen anchovies, salted anchovies, shrimp, mussels, or some clams.

Make sure that your bait is somewhat firm, otherwise it may slide right off of your hook. For a rig, you will need something that is capable of sinking the line without putting undue pressure on it. The fish can be scared off if they can feel the weight on the line. Many people will use a sliding sinker rig when they surf fish.

There are many good reasons to consider going for a day of surf fishing. You can catch perch, corbina, stingrays, bass, rockfish, and sometimes even hammerhead sharks. It is also a good way to spend a day at the beach. However, if you decide to fish when there are many beachgoers, try to find a spot where there are not many people in the water. Many times surf fishing will attract sharks and they will swim right up to the shore for fresh food. Unfortunately, sharks do not see very well and they will oftentimes mistake surfers for tortoises or fish because of their legs hanging off the wooden board.

If you do not have the money or the time to invest in a boat, surf fishing is a way that you can see the benefits of the catch and save a little time also. There are some extra preparation plans that you have to account for when surf fishing, but you would have much more prep and cleanup on a large boat. Surf fishing is an enjoyable hobby that will get you out of the house and maybe even offer up a chance to come home with fresh dinner.

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