Custom Paint Your New or Old Surfboard

Custom Paint Your New or Old Surfboard

Have an old board at home that is just screaming for a new,
cooler paint job? Now you can do it yourself at home with a
little work and some creativity.

To begin with, you need to have the right equipment.
Colorful spray paint, low stick masking tape, a razor
knife, and a bottle of clear acrylic sealant are the key
items needed.

Also if you are redoing an old used board, you will need
either wax remover or paint thinner.

First, when using an old surfboard, you will want to take
your time cleaning all of the wax off. Then you will want
to use the wax remover.

This will insure all the wax is removed along with any
residue. Wax will work against your painting efforts so
even though this may be a painstaking task, make sure you
do a thorough job.

Time to design your original artwork. But think big. Bigger
graphics will show up better and with all the work your
doing, you will definitely want to show off your work.

This is one case where bigger IS better.

Be creative. This design will tell your story. The next
step is to tape your board from rail to rail all the way
across and all the way down making sure to overlap the

This will keep the paint from bleeding through. Next is
design time.

Draw your design onto the tape and when you’re finished
begin to cut with the razor knife. This part is slightly
tedious but take care when cutting.

You don’t want to cut into the surface of your surfboard.
Peel back the part of the tape you want painted. Cover the
rest of your board with newspaper to protect from the over

Start with light coats of color, letting each layer dry
before beginning the next or before changing colors. This
will keep designs clean and crisp.

Try to keep from using heavy coats and try not to spray too
close. Once the design is dry peel the rest of the tape

Then it is time for the clear coat. Apply 3-4 layers of
clear coat making sure to let each layer dry before
applying the next.

Now your ready to hit the waves.

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