Surfing in Panama

Surfing in Panama

Surfing in Panama is as hot as the country itself. For those who currently surf wish to learn to surf, surfing in Panama could be your next surfing destination. Panama offers surfing enthusiasts two oceans for you to choose from: the Atlantic and Pacific. Surfing in Panama allows locals and visitors alike to take advantage of the country’s current weather and wave conditions, not to mention that some of the most popular surf spots are within an hour or two from the city center.

If what you’ve read from this article interests you, you might want to check how great surfing in Panama is. Once there, you will not only enjoy the waves, but also the natural beauty that surrounds the area. Let’s not prolong your agony. Here are some of the frequently visited surf spots in Panama.

Chepillo – this is a beach located on the island with the same name and it’s near the capital. The waves break left over a rock face. In general, you can expect good waves and swells on this place. Unfortunately, there are no facilities available if you want to stay on the island.

Malibu – located in Gorgona, it has some of the best waves on the western potion of the Panama Province. The sandbar that exists on this surfing spot creates impressive tubes that break to the right. Are you looking for very fast waves with force? This is where you should go, however it’s not recommended for first-timers.

Serena – situated in Coronado Beach, this surf spot is known for its right breaks and amazing tubes. If there are good swells, expect to see 4-6 ft. waves.

Teta – this spot is located in Punta Barco after Coronado, and is preferred by many Panamanians for its exceptional waves. The point breaks over a rocky bottom and produces both right and left breaks, but of course, this varies depending on the wind and current.

El Palmar – this spot is one of the most respected surf spots situated in the western portion of the Panama Province. The waves here can reach 7-8 feet and have great force; however, the face will accommodate both beginners and those with more experience. It is located at the beach with the same name.

Rio Mar – this is a popular beach spot not only for surfers. There are usually constant waves. The point breaks over a rocky bottom, which produces a very large right break.

Playa Venao –one of the most famous surf spots in Panama as this where popular international surf competitions are usually held, located in the Los Santos Province, and enjoys very impressive scenery. Waves of 8-10 ft. are not uncommon. There are several establishments that provide all the services necessary to enjoy a good weekend stay.

Surfing in Panama is an excellent idea as there are many surf spots for you to choose from. The list above is just half of the total surf spots you can find in Panama. If you finally decided to come and visit Panama for your surfing adventure, make sure to stay in shape for you are most likely to explore one surf spot to another- getting a fill of excitement!

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