Hollow Wooden Surfboards

Hollow Wooden Surfboards

With the popularity of the wooden longboards on the rise
once again, a great alternative is the hollow wooden

Though they are slightly complicated to create yourself, it
IS possible. They look like real vintage wooden long
boards, mainly because they are made of real wood.

The key difference between the vintage wooden longboards
and these new models is that they are lighter.

So much so that they basically weigh what a regular foam
and fiberglass board weigh. However the length can be
customized to the rider’s preference.

What makes these boards so light compared to their 150
pound original ancestors? Instead of a board made of solid
Koa wood, these boards are fashioned with a hollow wood
frame for a core.

And even though the core frame weighs less than a pound,
when finished with the overlay, this board is as strong and
sturdy as any board, foam-core or solid wood.

An advantage to these boards is definitely the wow factor
of them. With regular foam-core surfboards you can of
coarse have them airbrushed with any design imaginable, but
with some work, these hollow wooden surfboards can be
designed with beautiful wood inlays.

Varying shades of wood, shapes and designs are at your
fingertips. When making your own board, wood is also much
easier and much more forgiving to work with than the foam

Electronic books, or E-books are available on the subject
of hollow wooden boards and include full instructions along
with some beautiful pictures.

Everyone on the beach will be impressed with your one of a
kind hollow core longboard.

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