Maintenance of Your Surfboard

Maintenance of Your Surfboard

A surfboard is a major investment and in order to keep it
in good working order, some simple steps should be taken in
its care and maintenance.

In reality, only pro surfers can afford to replace their
board every six months, so investing the time and money to
properly care for your board will extend its life and save
you money in the long run.

A $30 investment in a board sock should be your first
purchase. When not in the water, you should keep your board
in the sock. 50% of all dings and dents occur when
transporting your board to and from the beach.

If you religiously keep your board covered, it can look
pristine for years. Even though your board is used for an
outdoor sport, the sun and heat are major enemies to your
board’s integrity.

Excessive sun exposure can cause damage to the boards
finish, causing it to yellow and crack. This sort of damage
can eventually cause your board to break and unfortunately
this may happen while you’re in the water.

Even minor dings can eventually cause major damage to the
board. It is important to repair even small dings as soon
as possible. But it is important to wait until the swell of
the board goes down so water is not trapped inside the

Again, this could cause yellowing and compromise your
board’s integrity. Nobody looks cool having their board
break when they are trying to catch that perfect wave.

The wax is one last maintenance check that should be
performed. Periodically strip off the wax to check for
dings and cracks under the surface.

A quick repair will have you back out catching waves in no

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