Surfing in Sydney Australia

Surfing in Sydney Australia

Vivacious, lively, accessible, and blended with breathtaking natural beauty, Sydney truly is a magnificent city. Nestled on a charming harbor, Sydney boasts of marvelous beaches just fifteen minutes away from the city. Surfing is one of the first-rate exhilarating water activities in Sydney, and it’s no wonder that some of the famous surfing competitions are often held here.

Surfing in Sydney Australia is as superb as the place; spectacular beaches with great waves to catch, the entire coastline of the south gets a lot of swell produced by the deep low pressure paths across the bottom. For surfers seeking awesome surfing sites, the beaches and the waves of Sydney will absolutely leave you in trance.

Cronulla Beach is one of the most popular spots for surfing in Sydney Australia, which boasts of outstanding range of surfing breaks offering both the beginners and the experts a chance to catch their wave. The beach extends more than a few kilometers from the center of the city to Voodoo Reef Break, and the southern end of the beach has an extensive array of reef breaks such as the world renowned Cronulla Point and Shark Island.

The beach also offers trainings from local surfing companies, and surfers can also rent surf boards and wetsuits. The water temperatures in Cronulla Beach are hardly ever below fourteen degrees centigrade even during winters, so using wetsuits while surfing is still quite comfortable. Summer surfing in Sydney Australia is taken pleasure with laid-back Sydney surf beach lifestyle dressed in as little as possible.

An outstanding level of water safety is also provided by the Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club, which maintains watched beaches all through the summer months. Surfers may also want to join or witness surfing events at Cronulla Beach such as the Quicksilver Airshow Cronulla during December, Human Shark Island Challenge and Billabong Pro Junior in July. Yearly events from the Cronulla Beach Surf Club are also held, which receive local, state, and Australia wide competitions all through summer months.

Manly Beach is another brilliant site for surfing in Sydney Australia. The beach is the first of among the eighteen northern beaches of Sydney, and is a falcate of yellow sand that stretches about a mile long with the center facing the northeast. The center of the beach is called North Steyne; the northern most-end is Queenscliff, and the southern corner is South Steyne. The most excellent surf occurs between April and October when the offshore winds arrive. The core beach is a shore crack and so quality surfing can be dependent on the shape of the banks, if the banks are great then it holds a swell of up to ten feet.

Surfing in Sydney Australia is all about choosing the profusion of outstanding coastline, and catching some of the greatest waves on the planet. So get those surf boards ready and indulge that surf fever in one of Sydney Australia’s splendid beaches.

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