Where to Find Surfing in Jamaica

Where to Find Surfing in Jamaica

Jamaica is well-known for their beautiful beaches and awesome waves, but it isn’t always easy to find the best surfing locations – and that’s simply because despite Jamaica being an island with beaches all around it, the best surfing is only on one side of the island! If you are a beginner, you prefer the gentler waves on the North or East shores in which to find your surfing feet, but if you’re already an experienced surfer, then the South side of the Island is the best place to catch a few trickier waves – not to mention more rocks to look out for!

The most popular surfing spots are around Ochos Rios, Long Bay, Negril and of course, Montego Bay – although one of the best areas for surfers is actually around Kingston, not too far from the airport!

For the most adventurous surfers, Treasure Beach is a must! Here the undercurrent will provide even the most advanced surfer with a challenge to keep them busy all vacation. If you’re more into traditional locations however, Boston Beach is a must because this is the place that put Jamaican surfing on the map.

For those who didn’t anticipate surfing as part of their vacation activities, or who have an impulsive need to experience it whilst on holiday, there are plenty of places where you can hire a surfboard – your hotel should be able to help you locate what you need, as well as recommend a surfing trainer if you want to take a class in basics before hitting the waves.

Jamaica is a perfect backdrop for all water sports, and anyone who has either surfed before, or is inspired by watching those who are enjoying the waves, is sure to have a good time – but if you’re a beginner, remember to stay away from the less safe waves off the Southern side of the island.

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